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Design = Future

Hi. I'm jen, a pale blue dot on a pale blue dot seeking a lead design role in a life-changing, mind-bending, world-bettering adventure.

Ideally this role exists in a small, cross-functional, highly-autonomous team of self-managed, chummy, curious achievers, who move swiftly to gather and measure user feedback and behavior, which they use to plan, build, and ship interesting and useful products and features. Even more ideally, this team lives with an optimistic and cheerful, socially and environmentally responsible company or organization, with a strong long-term vision and sense of values, whose users' success and happiness are directly linked to its subsistence.

If we're going to survive the coming waves of next-level disruption, we need design thinking to help identify and solve the right problems. Designers have real power to make technology and network culture support and amplify real human connections and community, instead of letting it divide us. My mission is to devote whatever passion and skill I have for design toward making our future one of the good ones.

"The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed," William Gibson said in 1993. Since then, the internet has emerged as our most powerful path to both advance the future and distribute it. And that’s one of the most interesting things out there...maybe ever.


"Ideally, if anything was any good, it would be indescribable." - Edward Gorey


  • Visual Design (since 2000)
  • Branding (since 2000)
  • UX Design (since 2007)
  • Design Management (since 2008)
  • User Testing (since 2011)
  • Atomic Design (since 2012)



  • team-building, cheer-leading, trust-falling
  • eau de dry-erase
  • lulz and cats
  • contagious karaoke habit
  • Bruce Sterling & Bret Victor fangirl

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Core Values

  • Care.

  • "Strong values, weakly held." (do the work, then do it again)

  • Give what you have to offer.

  • Seek challenges. Don't be lazy

  • Open-mindedness. atrophies if you don't actively expose it to new things

  • Breadth

  • Chummy & Friendly & Neighborly & Inviting.

  • "Good" is the enemy of "Great."
    "Perfect" is the enemy of the future (and it's gross)

  • profit is not the bottom line

  • comedy matters

  • No douchebags. *personal definition of a douchebag: putting image over other people's feelings.

  • abhor excess

  • Backlogs are bad. Now, or you risk never. Maintenance is cheaper and better.

  • transparency almost always pays off. Share all the things

  • investigate the impossible

  • make choices that enable (rather than limit) further choices

  • see it another way

  • fear is not a good reason

  • take some time to celebrate & some time to be critical but not much

  • distrust certainty. Make doubt into experimentation, not paralysis

  • Do the homework. You always learn something.

  • Invest in tools, skills & relationships

  • mind your metrics

  • be observant & alert.
    Anticipate & read minds.

  • Say it out loud.

  • Revise this list as often as necessary. But not more often


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